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£1020 (pair)

GT6 UJ (Rotoflex)Driveshafts


These shafts are essentially a remake of shafts used by Bob Tullius of the USA on his Group

44 Triumph Spitfire. The origins of the car, a Spitfire with a GT6 chassis, and its racing

regulations are not known by us; but the limitations of the Rotoflex driveshafts in racing are

known by most people concerned. These seem to be a very good and worthwhile replacement

and maybe considered a ‘period’ improvement.


MADE IN THE UK from NEW components; sourced from USA and Western Europe

Fully finished housing that lasts much longer with no sticking and less wear

Grease nipple for spline area

Genuine Hardy Spicer Heavy Duty 1310 UJs

Larger pin diameter and more needle rollers

New diff flange; with 1310 series UJ in place of the 1140 series. Three times stronger.

Essential for cars with LSD

Triumph GT6 diff flange bolt size

 Stronger and longer lasting shafts that provide multiple improvements while retaining

the ‘standard look’ and ‘original’ UJ spec

Applicable for FIA regulation race cars

It is also good idea to spray them with ACF 50'' to keep them looking A1 and to
protect them against corrosion.

Rotoflex Uprated UJ Shafts GT6 & VITESSE

Rotoflex Uprated UJ Shafts GT6 & VITESSE

Rotoflex Uprated UJ Shafts GT6 & VITESSE replacement

Rotoflex Uprated UJ Shafts GT6 & VITESSE replacement

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